NAS build issues - Cisco UCS c220 m3 LFF

hey everybody,

Beginner here… Not sure if anybody has any experience with this, but I recently purchased a cisco ucs c220 m3 LFF. Here’s a link to what i bought:


I’m trying to get this server to pickup my hard drive so i can install something (truenas, proxmox, anything really!), but all the installer fails to find a support hard disk. When I look in the bios, I dont see the ssd (Sata) I inserted either, but the green light for the bay is on. I can see the ssd wihtout any issues when i just plug it into my desktop.

Is my ssd just not compatible with the server? Did cisco really lock down their hardware that tightly? Looking at this specsheet, there are only 3 options listed for the hard drives in table 11 on page 29…

Thanks for any help!