NAS 4.0 Feedback/Help


I’m going to be a convert from Synology. So this is my first time building a NAS. I’ve previously used a Synology DS418play and DS1515+.

So I’ve put together the following and know there will be issues, so please excuse my ignorance. I did check the case to motherboard, then the motherboard to CPU, finally that the motherboard fits the memory. I’m a little concerned about the fan, so that is one area I would love some feedback, thanks in advance for taking a look:

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Looks pretty good to me. What are your software plans?


I’m going to be running Docker mainly. Packages include Bitwarden, NextCloud, and a few others. I’m hoping to run a few VMs for playing with new docker images and at least one Windows VM.

I’ll also be using this to run a WebDAV server for a couple services I use that keep their databases in sync via WebDAV.

Finally, I might run Plex on it, if you think it could handle it? Although I might keep media on the DS418play.

Sounds like you are a good candidate for unraid then.

Thanks! That was the route I was planning, seems to fit my needs better from what I was reading.