Narrow ILM CPU cooling

Hi - I’m strongly considering getting an X9DRi-F board to put in an EATX tower* that I have laying around. The one thing slowing me is the expense of narrow ILM heatsinks, so I’m wondering what others have used, and how well it went.

I saw the options in the 2011 dual socket mobo thread. It sounds like the Dynatron is way too loud, and the Noctua’s are highly rated, but I don’t like the idea of spending as much for the heat sink as the processor.



  • The case is a 10 year old Cooler Master HAF X, with 2 x 200 mm fans at the top. I was considering orienting the heatsinks vertically, but have never tried that before.
  • EEATX is not listed as supported for that case, and I don’t have space for a rack at the moment. (Finding a functional space for the HAF X may be a challenge)
  • If the heatsink overlaps the closest RAM slots, that wouldn’t be a deal breaker, but obviously not preferred.
  • Planning to get 2 x E5-2650 v2 (95 TDP)

It’s probably worth it for you to wait until the Anniversary 2.0 guide comes out. There are alternative motherboards that I would recommend higher than the X9DRi-F, and there will be plenty of narrow ILM cooling options outlined.