My Smol NAS Killer 5.0 Build

Hey All,

A couple years ago I built an Unraid solution around a Dell Precision T5600 and a DAS box. I realized after a while this was overkill in the CPU department (2 x e5-2660), and I was getting tired of the the mess of cabling and the 200W power usage, so I decided to side-grade to a NK5 box.

I surprisingly had most of the hardware from other experiments and hoarding, but I still needed to buy a new Motherboard and Case. The nice thing is that this case is compact for what it holds, and has dust filters that I can get out easily! Next upgrades will probably be some new drives in higher capacities to replace one with some bad sectors and get a second parity drive. I can probably put 10 drives in here max, or more if I decide to go 2.5" SSDs for another cache pool I don’t need. :smile:

Mobo NEW Supermicro X10SLH-F $69.00
Backplate OEM I/O Shield For Supermicro X10 Motherboard $5.76
Case Fractal Design Node 804 + 8 fans $100
CPU Xeon E3-1246 v3 Had
RAM 32GB (4x8GB) Micron PC3-12800 UDIMM ECC Had
PSU Seasonic 500W Had
CPU Cooler ARCTIC 12 Something Had
SAS Controller LSI 9300-16i Had, picked up cheap off reddit at some point
Cable CABLEDECONN SFF-8643 to (4) SFF-8482 Had
Pool Drives 3 x Shucked WD White Labels, 8TB SATA Had
Pool Drives 2 x Sun HGST HE Drives, 8TB SAS3, from Rhinotech Had
Cache Drives 2 x NetApp X357_S163A3T8ATE (Relabeled Samsung Pm1633a) SAS3 3.8TB Had

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How are the hard drive temperatures?

20’s / 30’s.

There are too many fans in this case I think.


those temps are fine. Mind you, you’ll get the highest temps when you’re doing parity check with all drives spun up.

Can you have too many fans? Maybe If you’re concerned about noise or trying to shave a few watts from power consumption.

Mostly I don’t have enough fan headers, and the PWM fans ramp up and down. I was thinking of replacing the 4 120mm PWM fans in the front with 2 140mm dc fans.

There are discussions in the Unraid forum about the ‘fan ramp up and down’ issue with Supermicro motherboards. I can’t remember the solution.

You might be able to use a fan splitter cable or hub to run a group of fans from one MB header.

How is your new power usage compared to your old one? I dropped mine in half going from an AMD FX to Ryzen.

Went from 160-200W depending on the load to 90-100W.

The biggest drops probably came from having one less CPU socket, 1/4 the memory dimms, one less power supply, and half of the cores per socket. Also switched from a LSI 9200–16e to a LSI 9300-16i, although I don’t know what the power differences between those two generations are.

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