My first HP S01 - Can I get addicted this fast?

How did I get addicted in a matter of days?

  • I’ve never scratch built a PC, but I’ve taken them apart to the point that I was kinda rebuilding them.

  • I just got symetrical gigabit fiber, so of course I had to set up a Plex share and take it as far as it will go.

  • I found a good deal on a mac mini 2014 (3ghz i7, 16GB, 256 SSD) for $215 - I thought that would be my new Plex server. Simple. But after the very sterile and one click setup, I was bored. So I came back to the 20 different threads open on ServerBuilds.

  • So within two days I had a HP S01-pf1013w waiting to be opened up and modified to it’s full potential. I have to thank all the people that build so passionately and so accurately and take amazing photographs. I had the case open and the fan cover off and then the entire drive bay housing gone - dropped in a 8GB 2400 Dimm and then slid in a 256GB nVME for under $25!

  • This was real fun. I won’t bore anyone with the multiple hours spent trying to deal with the HP BIOS on that thing, but I was finally able to get my clean Win10Pro image on the nvme. If anyone has any thoughts on that machine’s BIOS I’m curious.

  • I have an ancient gaming desktop that has a huge case, so I’m thinking more and more of gutting it, and seeing what I can actually do with it.

  • If I do make a second post that will be it - but maybe someone could direct me to a thread (if it exists) where people post pictures of their case and get ideas for what to put in it?

  • Lastly, I don’t know if it’s a midlife thing or the world going crazy or what, but I am now so excited and enthusiastic to “create” great machines for the lowest cost possible?

So for anyone else, did you get addicted this fast?

Y’all are great. Cheers.