My experience with building NASKiller 4.0

HI, been lurking for a couple of months but in that time I have built my own 4.0 build. It has been a fun rewarding journey that has had plenty of frustration with it. The frustration part has nothing to do with this guide though but I’ll get more into that in a bit.
Here is what the finish build used:

Type Part Price
Case Fractal Design Node 804 $110.00
Motherboard Intel DQ77MK $60.00
CPU Intel i7-3770 $65.00
CPU Cooler Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black $0.00
Power Supply Seasonic Focus Plus 650 Gold $0.00
SAS HBA LSI 9201-8i $30.00
SAS Cable 2 Pack SAS breakout $12.00
Fans Arctic P12 120mm 5 Pack 116 $28.00
Total ----- $354.00

I had the power supply and Cpu cooler in my gaming pc and decided to upgrade and use those parts for nas. But that power supply was not the original choice I bought an EVGA 500 GD for this and initially installed in original build.

Okay so build went smoothly and then installed Unraid and everything was cool for 24 hours. Then the dam system kept acting weird, losing drives then all of the sudden losing power completely and could not boot up at all. After I would wait a while it would boot up again. I checked everything I could think of eventually even replacing multiple parts(cpu, motherboard, controller), the problem always came back.

My last ditch effort was swapping the power supply from pc and guess what? that was my issue the whole time. I would have never guessed a brand new EVGA 500 GD was the cause of all my grief. EVGA customer service quickly replaced my psu but I am not using that thing now.

Everything is working awesome now and I would like to thank everyone that had anything to do with this forum,discord and telegram. I would not have been able to do this without all the information you guys put out there. I am using this for Plex only atm as I really have no clue yet how to fully utilize this. I’ve been reading up though and I’ll get there.

The build went easy

After that not so much fun, me ripping this thing apart

Me replacing part that did not need to be

All good now though

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Awesome build! Don’t forget to share some pics!

I will for sure it’s just been a minute since I have been on any forums and trying to remember how I used to do pics.

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All you have to do is copy+paste or click and drag on this forum.

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