Multi-use NAS build assistance

Hi all,
No matter how much searching I do. I always end up back at this site. Looking for some assistance. I’m a bored IT Engineer and looking to build a NAS.

I am looking to build a multi-purpose NAS box. I would like to run UnRaid as the OS.
I would like to use this for the following:
-Torrent Storage
-Plex 4k streaming. Maybe 1-2 streams outside of the house - I’d like to future proof
-VM +/or Docker
-Nas responsibilities

I do have a 4 port Gen3 NVME PCI card that I would like to use since I have 3-4 Gen3 Nvme’s sitting around

Home network is currently 1G. ISP is gig up/down. Home network will probably be updated to 2.5G

Current build list -

I don’t really have a budget right now. I can get parts here and there, or wait for deals

Updating my thread here while I’m still researching. My one issue right now is finding a motherboard that meets all the needs. With enough sata ports, onboard m.2 and pci slots I am looking at ATX which then limits my case selections to find something nice looking and not huge.

-CPU - i5 11400
-Motherboard - opinions
-Memory - DDR4 3200 x16 or 32GB

Nothing really to recommend here. “4k streaming” doesn’t take anything noticeable if your clients are setup to correctly stream original quality.

How many bays/drives do you want to expand to? That’s going to constrain you more than most things especially if you plan to use an HBA and expander.

Here is most of it. Added up a little higher than I thought it would

As far as cases go. I am currently looking at the Fractal Design Define 7 which can hold up to 14 HDDs and 4 SSDs. Even with the included brackets to do 6 HDDs and 2 SSDs still works well.

After the initial sticker shock wore off on my high cost NAS build and my jaw lifted back up. I am currently making an offer on a Lenovo P320 with the E3-1245 v5. it looks like I will be able to do 1 or 2 5.25 bay to 5x 3.5" hot swap bay. Also saving me like $800. My friend who manages a local pc store has 4 4TB drives for me. Wiped and tested good.