Moving to an Apartment (Need to get rid of rack :( )

Hey everyone!

I currently have a pretty decent setup at home that I am very happy with, but unfortunately, the rack won’t fit in the apartment and I am going to have to try and combine my 3 servers into 1.

I currently run a Dell r710 server with Proxmox, a Hyve Zeus with Windows Server 2019, and a Chenbro NR12000 with TrueNAS.

My goal is to combine the 3 by building a solid tower server with Proxmox to virtualize my TrueNAS and Windows Server as well as my other VMs. The other option is to build 2 towers (one NasKiller and 1 for VMs running proxmox).

If my budget was 500 - 800 do you think I could accomplish this?

I would try getting a vertical wall rack mount 3U and keep them all. Just an idea.

I just got the 1U white option to mount the NR12000 on the laundry wall.
Good luck with it!

I have a 25U rack in my apartment. It keeps all of my server gear organized and condensed into one spot.