Moving media from a windows server to an Unraid server?

Hi all,

I’ve never used Unraid before and am planning to switch my media server from Windows Server to Unraid. My current server consists of 8 different drives ranging from 500 GB to 6 TB each storing a total of only about 3 TB of actual content. When I first install Unraid and set up an array would it be possible for me to set up the array with only a few disks, and then copy my existing data over from the other disks? From my understanding Unraid uses a different file system (XFS) than windows (NTFS). Will Unraid still be able to access and read data from the NTFS disks to copy over to its array of XFS disks?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Yes you can set up an array with only a few disks, transfer the data then use the “New Config” tool to add more disks to the array.

Don’t set a parity disk until the data is transferred, this will speed up the process.


Awesome, thanks!

I went from a Windows Home server to unRaid. So glad I did…I think it was about 10 years ago now.

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