Motherboard boot issue on server rebuild

Hello, I am rebuilding a NAS Killer build I had after the original mother board died. I got the same board as a replacement board ( Gigabyte Ga-7tesm). It has new ram and new processors since they came with the board I bought.

When I power on the board it “chirps” and has a red light. Then the system fans spin and it powers down. This pattern will repeat so long as it has power. I check me power supply using a power supply tester and it checks out fine. While doing so I noticed the cpu fans would power on. While connected to the board.

I pulled the board back out of the case and am getting the same issue testing it out side of the case.

The motherboard manual does not mention the light and the chirping doesn’t seem loud enough to be actual beep codes.

Link to video of the fans and board
My wife would very much appreciate me getting our media server working again any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Why are you testing without CPU fans?

I was not testing them directly I had the second cpu power connected to the board when testing the power supply and noticed the fans powered on.

Check the case for errant standoffs? PSU powers other boards? 5500-series CPUs? Try single CPU? Anything on IPMI?