Motherboard and CPU for DS380 build

So I got the Silverstone SST-DS380 for a good price and wanted to build a low cost (considering running costs) backup server which might be placed at my parents place.

Goal is to put in my older spare HDDs in something like snapraid or just a bunch of disk “raid solution” for backup purpose only.

Since this will be at my parents place and their internet will not even be 1GB download I do not need anything more than a gigabit on this machine.

I am searching now for a motherboard CPU combo, maybe even a sodered CPU board.

The only hard requirement is:
I need to connect 8 drives for the drive bay and at least 1 SSD for the OS.

Not sure if I need remote management capabilities since this will directly add a few watts to running system.
Wake on LAN on the other hand could be handy.
When needed I can also use something like pikvm or others to get remote management. The pi is already there fore DNS.

When searching for a motherboard with a lot of SATA connections I just find expensive ones (>200€) like the ASRock Rack C3558D4I-4L SoC.
On the other hand I do not need a hba card if I am not mistaken.

Would it be better to get any cheap ASRock from the j series and get a hba card instead?

Which hba card would be reasonable?

I am located in Germany if that matters much for part availability.