Mini pfSense - ASUS-H110T-CSM Based Build (Complete)

I have embarked on the journey to replace my Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X with a lower latency and more adaptable pfSense.

Thank you to @JDM_WAAAT for his help verifying the alternative hardware.

Component Link Price
Fan ARCTIC Alpine 12 LP $8.99
CPU Intel Celeron G3900T SR2HT 2.6GHz 2M Cache LGA1151 35W Desktop CPU $39.95
CASE Mini-ITX Test Bench $15.39
SSD SANDISK Z400S SSD 64GB M.2 2242 6GB/S SATA 1ZNM MLC $19.99
PSU 80W 19V 5A $19.99
USB Power Button Power Button w/ USB $7.99
RAM SK HYNIX 2Gb 1Rx16 DDR4 PC4-2133P SoDimm $9.99
MotherBoard ASUS H110T/CSM $79.96
Thermal Paste GELID GC-Extreme 14.99
Total Build Price $217.24

The build is complete and I have now moved into installing and setting up pfSense.

I have a lot to learn abut pfSense… but for now it is doing what is needful.

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Hey, looks great.

However, I wanted to say that your CPU cooler is not installed correctly. The pins should not be turned, those are only to remove the cooler. Turn them back 90 degrees, and push them down until it clicks. Do this in a cross pattern.

Thanks for the head up. I have turned them and pressed down. I will try and find a picture of what it should look like though as I am not really able to push it any farther than it is.

Its still solidly attached… so I think we are good to go.