Mini PC for parents

I’m looking for a mini pc for my elderly parents. Looking to spend around $300. They just browse facebook, youtube, and play those silly facebook games. I know this is not a server related question but would appreciate any help finding the best small PC for the money.
I’m in the US btw.

HP 290 or HP S01. It’s not mini, but it’s pretty small.

Have look at STH’s Project Mini-micro

They are picking up these small 1 litre sized PC’s from ebay for $300 or less when companies are dumping them as desktop PC’s when the lease expires.
They also usually come with Windows 10 Pro license. That makes it way easier to lock down Windows Update so your parents aren’t calling you to fix an issue caused by Windows update. You can remote in and do the updates for them when the dust has settled a few weeks after Patch Tuesday.