Mini-ITX still the best small form factor board?

Hello all,
I have fairly simple data needs right now, primarly 15-20 TB of shared storage for windows shared drives & music storage /streaming. The Raspberry Pi 3 B+ I set up with OMV is definitely not cutting it. After some research & consideration about future utility, I’m looking into a new build, preferably with a small form factor but adequate performance for a couple of 720p/1080p (NO 4k) streaming if I decide to jump into Plex.
Since I don’t have a ton of free time to monkey with setting & setups, I’m planning on running UnRaid, but would prefer the smallest form factor & noise (because of where this will need to physically sit) that still gives acceptable performance.

Based on the form factor issue & some similiar requirements like the pfSense router, it looks like a mini-ITX w/ Xeon, & 16MB SODIMM is going to drive the rest of the design. (probbaly looking at the Fractal Node 304 case)

What I’m noticing is that the mini-ITX boards are getting a bit pricey.

Is Mini-ITX still the best small-form-factor solution? Is there another similar sized one out there that anyone is aware of?

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I’m curious about this too.
@JDM_WAAAT linked some motherboards. Looks like that first one goes with an 7th gen intel

Generally speaking, noise has little to do with form factor. It has more to do with the fans (speed, model, location, etc.) in the chassis than anything.

Mini-ITX is extremely limiting and expensive relative to the features.

I’d go for a plain ATX NK4 if I were you. It’s the easiest to build, cheapest, and allows for the most options for future expansion.

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Noise is secondary to form factor, I’m trying to fit something in a smaller case.

I assume by ATX NK4 you mean one of the micro ATX form factors from the NK 4.0 list?