Mini ITX Fractal 304 NAS build (either LGA 1155 or 1150)


I’m looking to find a home for some noisy NAS drives that are currently filling up my main PC. I’ll likely just use this for Plex (going to a single Chromecast) and some extra storage. Looking to take up minimal space and power, so I liked the look of the mini ITX build in a Fractal 304 case. I have 3 x 3TB drives currently, which I’ll probably augment with an SSD. I have two builds that I’m looking at right now - a LGA 1155 build (based on the 6-bay Mini-ITX NAS) and a LGA 1150 which I’ve put together myself (so probably needs some scrutiny).

LGA 1155
Component Model Price Notes
MB  Intel DQ77KB  £55-65  
CPU  Xeon E3-1260L  £50  45W/6534 passmark
RAM  SODIMM 8gb £20  
Case  Fractal 304 £60-70
HP 90W 19V 4.74A
£8 120W harder to find, but 90W sufficient?
Cooler  Arctic Alpine 12 (poss. passive) £8  
Sata power cables  DQ77KB type £16 (China) Are these correct? Do I need other cables too?
   TOTAL £217-237  

Being in the UK, getting the SATA cables for the dq77kb board isn’t so easy - I can get them from China for £16 though. I can’t get the same exact power supply, but I think the one I’ve selected should work.

LGA 1150
Component Model Price Notes
MB H81i-plus £38-45 2xSATA3 + 2xSATA6
CPU i7-4770s £50 65W/9432 passmark
RAM  DDR3 2x4gb £0 Already own 
Case  Fractal 304 £60-70
Silverstone sfx 300W or be quiet! 300W SFX Power 3 
£50 Both options non-modular 80+ bronze
Cooler  Arctic Alpine 12  £8  

TOTAL £206-223

This seems to offer a better passmark for the price, though I’m slightly concerned that fitting a non-modular PSU could be tricky. Also, if I swapped in 4330T CPU instead I could save £30 (dropping to 4546 passmark), bringing it to under £200.

Any concerns, or any other suggested components please?