Migrating to TrueNAS

I have a NAS running OpenMediaVault that has been working well for the last year or so. it was originally based on and old IBM System X 3200 M2. The storage array was built using OMVs builtin mdadm JBOD software. It has since moved house into a new Norco RPC-2106 with a SuperMicro X8SIE-F. This system has more HDD slots available which is what prompted the move. It barley meets the minimum recommended requirements to run TrueNAS at 12GB RAM, but that can be easily upgraded.

So my question is, the one i cannot seem to find a solid answer on by scouring the internet, Can I simply import the MD RAID devices that were created on OMV into TrueNAS?

Have you considered migrating to Unraid?

I have considered it, but have not done enough research on the software.

What about Unraid do you like over TrueNAS?

Why Unraid?

It makes a lot more sense for home use. You can add drives one a time, drives don’t all have to be the same size, it has docker built in, and more.

Ok, so let’s say I do turn to unRAID, is it possible to import the mdadm devices that are set up in OMV?

Not directly, no. Unraid does not support mdadm.

I had a small enough raid that I could just move all the data to a single large disk and then copy that onto the Unraid array.

There are probably ways to reassemble the raid within a VM on Unraid, but no matter how you go about it, you’ll need one or more available disks to move the data to.

Thank you for a direct answer. I had a suspicion that would be the case. Luckily I do have the space available to move the data temporarily, I guess I was just hoping to not have to do that.