Migrate QNAP to UNRAID


I currently run a QNAP 8 bay NAS in a raid 6 array. As my disks were so expensive, I want to migrate to an UNRAID solution with purchasing as few new disks as possible.

What’s the best way to achieve this?

Ultimately I want an UNRAID NAS with double disk parity (to protect against a single disk parity drive failure).

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What size disks are you using right now?

How much data do you have?


Thank you for your reply!

12TB of data.
8 bay NAS.
6 disks in the array.
Disk 7 is a hot standby.
Disk 8 is an SSD cache.

Perhaps migrate all data to an external 14TB disk?
Then push all disks in to the new unraid device?


Sorry, forgot to mention, each disk is identical, and each disk is 8TB in size.


You seem to be asking similar questions across threads…

There’s no reason to bump your own threads. People will respond when they are able.

I’ve just recently moved from QNAP to unRaid.

You’ll need to back up everything on you QNAP as the data is not transferable from Raid.

The data on all drives will be wiped when building a parity array. You can start with one parity drive and add a second later if required. I have dual parity.

Once your array is built simply transfer the data from your backups over.

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