Metro Rack > Lack Rack

Sure you can’t actually attach your rackmount stuff to the sides but can you really on the Lack Rack anyways?

Pros? Just as cheap. 4 legs = $20. Each shelf = $10. Yes, you can get a Lack for $10 or less but you get zero shelves with that. If you want “shelves”, those IKEA towel bars cost $5 a set and they can only hold very light weights. Also, you’ll need to reinforce the hollow legs with 2x2s, glue, etc…all of which adds to the cost. Metro racks are just that. $20 to start. $10 per shelf. All hardware included.

No fuss. I looked at the prospect of gluing 2x2 in the LACK and then returned my IKEA stuff immediately. A wire shelf took me about 5 minutes to build. It’s easier to build than IKEA furniture.

Strength. Now…I’ve stood on a Lack and it didn’t break but that being said, the whole thing is hollow and I don’t know if I want to put my 100lbs+ server (with 15 HDs, it’s easily that heavy I’m sure) on it. A wire rack holds at least 400lbs per shelf without breaking a sweat. Mine is “rated” for 800lbs.

Admittedly it doesn’t look as nice as a Lack Rack but the wire shelving gives you a lot more modularity and modability. I have a pegboard on one side with my modem and Edgerouter-X attached with velcro straps. I’ve used the same straps to attach some tubing as a sort of guide for cable management.

I haven’t managed to find a real rack for free or very little yet but until I find it, I think this is a better option than a Lack Rack. Also, for the day I move all this to a real rack, this wire selving will still be super useful as actual kitchen or garage shelving while…you’ve definitely ruined those Lack tables.


I have to say, I’m down. I have a lack table with my 4u in it, but yeah. This looks solid.

Link or more details?

Those are pretty dope, I use a different shaped/coloured one in the kitchen. That being said (and I know this is silly), I do not trust those two plastic clips that hold on the shelf with my server haha. Looks good though!

They seem pretty solid to me. And there’s a total of 8 of those clips distributing the weight. That and some solid metal wire make it a bit more reliable than some plywood and dust.

Not claiming this is better than a real server rack…but I think for the equivalent amount of money that you’d need to fit out a Lack Rack properly, this is a better and easier option.

Mine came from

Be sure to sign up for their membership for free shipping. The first month is free. You can cancel after you receive your stuff. Otherwise, shipping is like $25.

You can also find this same type of shelving at Home Depot or Lowes. Albeit, you can’t buy the shelves and rods piecemeal. They only sell entire shelving sets there.

As for trusting them with your server… I’ve used these types of shelves for years in many different applications. Including storage in my server room at a previous employer. They were sturdy enough to hold an entire shelf full of tower computers without any concerns. Just make sure you put them together properly with the plastic clips “latched on” to the ridges in the rods.

That’s why I suggested the place I did. They sell individual parts cheaper than whole rack at Home Depot and you can customize the size. Costco will probably not have a 24"x24" rack and you can get the poles in any height and as many shelves as you want.

Oh and you can get black, green or chrome while you’ll probably only find chrome out there.

Oh! I didn’t realize that you could get 24" by 24" there!