Merging my NAS with my gaming PC

Looks like it’s been a long time since any threads were posted here!

Currently I have an NK4.1 build running as my NAS, and a separate gaming PC that is out in my living room with my wheel/pedal/shifter setup for sim racing, but is otherwise accessed remotely for all other gaming via Parsec. Recently I got to thinking: since I’m already primarily gaming remotely, why not move my Unraid instance to my gaming PC and follow the Unraid Gaming guide? If nothing else I’d save on power/heat and my gaming PC case is significantly better insulated sound wise than my current NAS case (which will make the wife happy).

The main potential hiccup is the sim racing peripherals: Parsec doesn’t allow them to pass through so those would still need to be connected directly to the NAS. I had a brief conversation on the Discord regarding that and it sounds like the easiest solution is to get an add-in USB card and pass those through to the VM rather than trying to guess-and-check on the Mobo ports. It would mean extra steps when wanting to start racing, but since I’m the only one that does it in the household that shouldn’t be a problem.

I’d also need some hardware to make this work:
-Upgraded processor (currently have a Ryzen R5 3600, thinking I’d upgrade to an R9 5900x so I could dedicate 6 cores to the VM)
-USB card
-SAS HBA, sounds like Adaptec is the current favorite but not sure what model

I have a x570 chipset motherboard, so the HBA would be running on 4 PCI-E lanes if I’m reading the specs right, which should be more than fine.

Some questions I was hoping I could get input from you all on:
-I know Unraid is “hardware agnostic”, but will I have any issues switching HBAs for my SAS drives?
-If I move forward, my plan was to do all the hardware changes prior to moving over NAS duties. Would it make sense to try and set up the gaming VM on my old NAS prior to moving the drives over? Or is that not really possible since I won’t have the GPU to pass through?
-If this is a stupid ideal also let me know that. :slight_smile:

Edit to add: the gaming pc currently has 32GB of RAM, which should be plenty given my current NAS has 16GB, so I could dedicate 16 to the VM.