M93P SFF Pro case swap?

I have an old Lenovo M93P SFF Pro. i7 4770, 32gb on ram, 8 tb HDD, and a 1tb ssd.

Is it possible to swap the case for the cooler master N400? I’d like to upgrade my NAS setup. Currently have a 5 bay yottamaster usb das connected tot he machine. would be nice to have it all self contained.

go easy on me, im a wanna be nerd.

:man_shrugging: hard to say. looking at pics of the board looks like it should fit standard matx layout. but you may not know until you try it. i bought an hp slimline 270 thinking i could move the board into something else…looking at pics of the board i thought it would follow itx mounting…nope. all the holes are just off slightly like by millimeters. thanks hp

Even if the board fits mATX mounting, the front panel headers are probably non standard and the psu is definitely non standard and won’t be mountable. Cords probably won’t even reach. If you must continue using the system, maybe look into an HBA with external ports and then make an n400 a DAS

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if the MT version uses the same motherboard as the SFF, it should fit. you just need one of those psu adapter.