Lsi sas cards?.?.?

Hey all, so I’m a little confused about these LSI cards and the whole JBOD idea. Can I just add one of these cards to my desktop, flash it to IT mode and start adding hard drives!!! Or am I better off building a stand alone and using Unraid?? I will say everything I’ve read about unraid I like… I’m just having a hard time finalizing my plan and direction…

In theory yes, but some consumer motherboards have trouble with LSI cards. The recommended motherboards in the guides will definitely not have any issues, so just be aware of that.

I would recommend some sort of NAS OS to manage your drives and data, as simply just adding them JBOD style does not help you manage your files across multiple drives, nor does it provide you with any data protection in case of drive failure.

Unraid is a no-brainer for most people. I’d commit to it and use it if you’re building a new server.

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