LSI HBA and ASUS H570 compatiblity

New around these parts!! :wave:

I recently picked up two LSI SAS9200-8e HBA cards (both flashed to IT mode) and I installed one in a supermicro 12 bay server and the other in my Intel 10700 workstation. The 10700 is on an ASUS H570 motherboard. The board has 2 PCIe 16x slots and when the HBA is plugged into the first slot the LSI initialization screen is never shown. Once booted into linux however, running lspci shows the card is recognized but no drives are showing up when running lsblk

I’m new to 8088 / mini-sas, and LSI cards in general. Are these notorious for compatibility issues? Any BIOS settings I should be looking out for that could prevent these from properly initializing? The other card in my supermicro server initializes and shows the devices connected to it so I don’t believe the issue is on that end.

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Did you 3.3v mod the drives?