LSI 8211-8i Help Needed


I have a LSI 8211-8i card in IT mode and it was working fine until one of the 8087 ports now won’t show any hard drives connected.

The cable is fine, the drives are fine, but I can’t figure out if one port can burn out or if there is a diagnostic I can run tot determine what is going on. I’m new to these types of cards, is there more information I can provide so that someone may help me determine if I need to buy a new card? I have never flashed one of these cards so I am not sure what to do next. If it helps, I was using this in an unraid box and everything was fine, till it now isn’t.


Swap the cable to the other “working” port? (test unknown cable with known good port)
Swap the cable from working to “non-working” port? (test the port with known good cable)
Plug one of the drives into the other cable? (test the drive individually with known good port + cable)

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Is there a diagnosttic for the 8087 port?

Did you try the options above? If so what are the results