Losing my mind here 4 beeps no video SuperMicro X9SCM-F


Fractal 804

Mobo: Super Micro X9SCM-F



CPU: Intel E3-1260L 2.40Ghz Quad-Core LGA1155 CPU Xeon 8MB 45W SR00M HD Graphic

Ram: 8GB 2X4GB PC3-12800E DDR3 1600MHz Memory HP ECC Unbuffered

Losing my mind, I get like 4 really fast beeps at setup well its more like 3 then 1 really quick

IPMI is active and live since the heartbeat LED is blinking Also the screen says IPMI must initialize first, but then video cuts after a reboot. Have installed IPMI viewer, but so confused on how to use it I search for devices using either IP address it detects and nothing comes up, because i think I might have to update the bios?

Cant even get into bios

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Copypastaing my reddit reply:

Technically speaking, the E3-1260L is not recommended by SuperMicro due to its integrated graphics - although I’ve never seen that cause a problem.

DDR3 1600 isn’t officially supported by E3-1200 V1 and is only officially supported by E3-1200 V2, again I’ve never seen it cause a problem but it’s possible.

Have you tried booting it outside of the case?

Update 2: Resetting CMOS has at least gotten me to the bio settings, but after I exit the Bios I am left with no video after a reboot and some series of beeps. have changed graphics priority to onboard in bios. CPU seems to be detected in bios as well. I am praying its just my RAM

Update 1: Have taken it outside of the case, and replaced the CPU with a E3-1270 SR00N 3.40GHz. Still the same beep pattern,

Waiting on new ram to be delivered tomorrow: ECC Unbuffered RAM 8GB 2x 4GB PC3-10600E DDR3 1333MHz 2Rx8 ECC UDIMM Memory

Will try again tomorrow once RAM is delivered and if it continues I may have to consider a new mobo i think