Looking to run a NAS, Jellyfin and NZBGet on one box

As the title states I am looking to setup an all in one box. Most of the streaming with Jellyfin will be done to RPI4 systems locally which can handle 4K video without any transcoding but could potentially stream outside the LAN one day.
Here is what I am currently looking at to accomplish this task and would like some feedback on this setup. I am wanting to keep the power consumption down as much as possible for a 24/7 box.

Case: Fractal Design Node 804
CPU: Intel Core i5-8500T 2.1 GHz 6-Core (I cannot believe how expensive a used CPU is!)
MOBO: Asus PRIME B360M-A Micro ATX LGA1151

This is all that I have really researched so far. I have not made any determinations as to the drives I will be using other than I will attempt to get 7200 RPM drives setup in a RAID 5 configuration. That will most likely be the next step for me if this setup will pretty much cover my needs. If anyone has any cheaper builds that will accomplish the same thing let me know for I am also trying to keep my costs down as well.

Have you looked into Unraid? RAID 5 is really not a worthwhile endeavor anymore. Also, the spindle speed of your drives is not really relevant for media storage and playback.

I have not looked much into Unraid but from what I know it allows the mixing of multiple size drives with one drive being for parity. It is slower than RAID5 but I’m not worried about the backing up of my Windows box taking to long. A major downside to Unraid for me is that there is a cost associated with it. I was planning on having this system run Linux which is free.

Would you recommend then the 5400 RPM drives then? I believe that the WD shucked drives are 5400 for the most part.

How do the specs of the CPU and MOBO look for what I am wanting to accomplish? For future transcoding I am thinking of less than 10 connections or maybe none at all. Again I am trying to think of what I might do down the line.

May I suggest browsing https://perfectmediaserver.com for your software stack?

Unraid is also a good option.

Don’t bother with 7200rpm for media, 5400 is plenty good enough and run cooler, quieter and are probably cheaper to buy as well.

Thanks for the link. The project looks very interesting and fits the budget I had set aside for software, nothing. :grinning:

I am still concerned about the hardware I have selected. Does anyone have any suggests as to if this setup will have enough horsepower to do something along the lines of the Perfect Media Server? To the best of my knowledge/research it should cover everything and have room to grown.

Hardware looks great. I’d personally skip the T series CPU but that’s a personal call. Otherwise, you’re good.

Thanks, I wanted to go with the T series to help keep the power consumption down as best as I can. Unless the difference is not worth it. I wish I had both the 8500t and 8500 along with a watt meter to see how much of a difference there really is.