looking for ssd recommendations for heavy seeding ?

I’m downloading and seeding stuff 24/7. there’s not a second where my torrent container is chilling and doing nothing. I don’t want to wear out my HDDs with constant reads/writes. If I’m behaving myself I probably download around 1TB worth of linux isos per week.

i know i don’t REALLY need an ssd but i still prefer one for the initial seed and after a couple of days i’ll move stuff to my array (unraid) for long-term seed

i don’t know if it matters but my connection is 500/200 with 10-20 torrents seeding at the same time in general

so what’s you’re recommendations for an ssd around 2-4tb? preferably used since i can get larger for cheaper than if i bought new.

Hard drives don’t really wear out with reads/writes. SSDs do wear out with writes.

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I’d recommend a hard drive.

you could look for a used enterprise SSD. something like 1 DWPD (one drive write per day for five years) or even higher.