Looking For Hardware Build Advice/Recommendations

So I am new and trying to digest the loads of information here. Not really sure whether mutliple small builds like the HP290 would work, or just a big server with docker containers. I want to run plex (6 users externally), nextcloud, a matrix/jitsi server, PFsense/opensense, and a PiHole. Eventually I would want to run home assistant or blue iris.

Looking for the right balance of hardware and power consumption. What would you recommend? A larger home build? Or HP290s? Laptops?

I have drives, but just need to figure out how to accomplish and what I should run with costs and power consumption in mind.

Thanks in advance.

Plex on a HP 290 + a dedicated NAS is usually the best start.

If you need QSV for other applications such as a NVR/BlueIris, add another HP 290.