Looking for Feedback on My 4.0 Build

I’ve finally replaced my old desktop but decided I wanted to repurpose it as a server / NAS when I came across this site.

Here are the parts I currently have:

My main question is if I would benefit from swapping out the motherboard for say an Intel DQ77MK or if my current motherboard would suffice. If there are any other parts that would benefit from being swapped out, please let me know.

Otherwise, all I should need to pick up are an SAS HBA (LSI 9211-8i) and some hard drives ( WD4001FYYG), correct? I do have a handful of 500GB - 1TB SATA hard drives. Would I at least be able to get started with those? If not, how many SAS drives would I need to get started? Two?

Thanks in advance for any feedback. I’m looking forward to getting started.

Your current motherboard should be totally fine. IMO unless you’re REALLY budget constrained, I’d avoid 4TB HDDs.

Currently, 8TB and 10TB SAS drives are available from RhinoTech -
$50 8TB: Sun 7337414 8TB 7200RPM 12Gbps SAS 3.5in Hard Drive | eBay
$80 10TB: Sun 7332759 10TB 7.2K 12G SAS Hard Drive 7332753 | eBay
Use OBO and mention serverbuilds.

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