Looking at building a "big server" - don't know what I'm doing

Looking to build a server that is a little more robust than my current multiple-desktops setup. While I know I’m going to overshoot for my current needs, I’m hoping to keep it around long enough to actually learn more about what I’m doing.

My major needs for the build are

  • major data storage: currently maxed my 8TB raid + backup NAS (no longer expandable)
  • potentially plex: running it off of a windows “server” I built
  • minecraft/starbound server
  • Learn a little bit of docker (Radarr/Sonarr)
    uhhh anything else that I come across

My main goals are relatively quiet and not a major heater (I’ve a turned off R710 if I want either of those). Power consumption is a secondary factor, but as long as it’s not going to be hundreds a month to operate I’m not worried.
I’m budgeting 3-500$ for parts (excluding drives and the rosewill)

Planning to build into the Rosewill LSV-4500,

Current Prospective Parts:

Motherboard: $150- X9DRH-7F(link)
CPU: $53 - E5-2650L v2(link)
CPU Fan: 2x $65 - Noctua NH-D9DX i4 3U (link)
RAM: $75- 64GB DDR3 1333 (8x8) (link)
PSU: 850w (less concerned here)
Case: $N/A - Rosewill LSV-4500

For Drives - nothing specific at the moment, waiting on sales
Primary: 2x SSDs (~120gb) - running in parity
Storage: 4x 14TB (hoping the WD shuck deal comes back)

I have a cache of older 2-4TB drives and some random SAS drives from salvaged hardware (I’ve never used a SAS drive, so I don’t know how to use them/test for useability)

Any comments on secondary parts or cabling I should be aware of would be greatly appreciated. I’ve got SATA cables out the wazoo, but not much else (recycled a lot of ewaste a while back)

I can attest that the X9DRH-7F is a fantastic 2011 motherboard with onboard SAS that can be cross flashed to IT mode.

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