Long-ish time lurker, first time poster

So I stumbled upon this forum when I was looking around for hints and ideas on how to better set up my current home network. I’ve looked around, seen some nice setups and decided that I want to move away from my current setup to something that looks much nicer, has better potential for future expandability, etc.

Right now I have a switch laying on a keyboard slot on a desk, the hardware that has been repurposed into servers had prior lives as my personal desktop machines, so tower cases, etc etc. As I find myself wanting to expand their capabilities, now I find that consumer cases are a bit… lacking, as well as it taking up quite a bit of space (especially relevant when it comes to the case that was one of my older computers and is now a full sized tower case holding my PFSense box.

The only issue I have, is if I want to transfer these boxes to rack mountable cases, is that I need to find out if it’s possible to find a way to utilize a sealed-loop water cooling setup in a rack mount case. They’re both running push-pull dual fan radiators (single radiator) and I really wouldn’t want to replace them with another cooling solution…