List of good Molex->Sata connectors

Let me get it out of the way, yes, “Molex to sata lose your data”

Ok, with that being said, I can’t find reliable reviews or sources of which adapters aren’t molded. The few I found on Amazon or Newegg are 2017.

If people have recently bought the good ones, can you list the brand / vendor / website / link?

The issue is molded plugs, not Molex.

Cheap plugs may have poor contact between the wires and the pins, causing resistive heating resulting in fire. When the pins are embedded in injection-molded plastic, their placement is not adjustable or (if opaque) visible. Better contact is achieved if the pins are crimped onto the wires, or if the wires are pierced by insulating-displacing connectors (IDC).

The !sata bot command on the discord has links. MBP is also working on a guide for the forums.

Right, and the problem is that nobody knows who is selling molded or not. We need data.

You can easily tell if a connector is molded or crimped by looking at it.

I get that. I don’t want to buy one and have to return it. The point of this post isn’t about looking at it after I bought it.

People can list where/what were the good ones. That way we don’t have to deal with return policies.

What I’m saying is, you can tell from the Amazon or ebay listing if it’s crimped or molded.

These are molded.
These, these, and these are crimped.

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Ah, good call. Those ones show the back side of the sata. The Cable Matters ones, for example, don’t show the other side of sata.

For the most part, a discerning eye can tell from the front side of the connector if its molded or crimped.





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