Link PSUs for easy on/off

Has anyone found a way to link the PSU on the DAS to the main PC PSU? Ideally I would like both to turn on at the same time and not have to worry about booting one first/last. During a power outage my server gets a signal from my UPS to shut down but this doesn’t work on the DAS.

I haven’t tried it personally yet, but the method used by Jason Rose in this YouTube video looks promising: (Linked to approximate timestamp)

They sell things such as the link below to accomplish this.
The link below is for one that takes a molex connector from the primary PSU (which gets switched on via the motherboard), and the main 24pin connector of the secondary PSU.
When the molex connector of the Primary PSU is powered on it switches a relay to signal to the Secondary PSU to turn on.
These kinds of devices are commonly used in Bitcoin mining rigs.