Liebert UPS found at surplus store

Not sure where to put this post so I figure out just put it here. I was drifting around a government surplus store today. It’s only open on Wednesdays. I looked around for 20 mins or so and was about to make my way out the door when I come across a section of battery backup units. A couple Liebert gxt4-1500rt120 caught my eye and another was a 1500 APC model similar to one I already have. They were $10 a pop. I figured they probably had bad batteries, but at that price I was willing to roll the dice. The two Liebert’s look new, the APC is a white model and I think those are the older mods.

Near as I can tell all three work and batteries are 100% check out…still need to test them some more but this appears to be a solid score.


I wish I could find deals like that! Nice score.