LGA2011 prebuilt questions

Hi, @JDM_WAAAT - thank you for all you work and sharing these guides. This is new territory for me and I’ve been researching your guides for a couple weeks, but had a quick question on an option I’m looking at.

What’s your opinion of this HP Workstation from the same seller of the combo options you listed? I live close to the seller, and they agreed to a lower price than listed with local pickup/no shipping ($140).

This would be for a starter home NAS/Plex media server (then possibly more). I would use the case & 600W PSU that comes with it as I only need room for 3-4 internal 3.5" drives I have for now. The motherboard can add a LSI SAS controller optionally if I wanted to expand eventually with another case.

From what I saw in your CPU compendium from the 4.0 guide - this CPU is comparable to the E5-2670 (Row 38) which has a passmark of 12209 and is 8C/16T.
24GB RAM included.
NVIDIA NVS310 included (probably not very worthwhile, haven’t researched it yet)
It’s a socket 2011, and I don’t know if there are any negatives about that compared to the 1155 socket options.

Just looking for any major cons or negatives that I’m not seeing as a newbie to server set-up.