Kontron Mini-ITX i5-4400E SBC

This is neat. Dunno what you’d do with it…

Anybody jump in on these? I grabbed two for 50+25 shipping on ebay.

Cool, tell us how they pan out!

So far I can say that it was new open box, but only the i/o shield was incldued (no display adapters or anything). Very detailed manual and uses mostly standard connectors. Front Panel is a little weird and I have not figured the pins out yet, but by default it powers on when psu supplies power. Displayport works well and had it displaying on a 4k monitor (didn’t check hz). biggest downside is the 50mm fan sounds like a jet engine and the cpu produces enough heat to need a cooler fan. 50mm seems like a hard size to fill, so I ordered a 60mm noctua and am going to try and zip tie to the 60mm cooler.

Edit: I was able to zip tie the noctua 60mm on to the heatsink and installed it with the Low Nosie Adapter (limits the fan to 2300rpm max). Running various usenet services on it right now and only uses like 30% of the cpu and fan stays pretty quiet. I did turn off turbo boost because that seemed to cause spiked in heat output and I would rather have quiet than slightly more speed.

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