Just out of curiosity

Just wondering I was recently reading up on using Raspberry Pi as a server has anyone tried this? ( I’m not planning on doing it, just popped up in my feed) Any advantages? Looks like a fun project but probably not sustainable compared to the regular builds just felt like I’d get everyone’s thoughts.

I considered it, but for my storage wants/needs it didn’t make sense. If everything can fit on 1 drive (and you are okay without any redundancy) then it could be a fun option. If you need more than one drive though it seemed like the costs got high enough that it made more sense to get actual computer hardware and build.

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They can definitely work, depending on what you are looking to do. I have seen some cool set ups where logs and graphs are collected by the RasPi and then charted to a nice internal website. I have also seen them as a DHCP server for a network, and then using external services for dynamic DNS. This should keep all of your stuff accessible from outside of your network, if you choose to set that up and want it.