Just getting started

I’m and old man, 51, been in computer since 14. Mainly programmer ( I guess we call them developers now). Build my first computer about 20+ years ago not since then. Over the last couple of years I have gotten heavy into home automation. Going from RaspberryPI to Nuc to 10 year old T310 server I got from work running Unraid. Unraid is hosting a bunch of docker container dedicated to home automation and some other stuff. I do not do any trans-coding and my storage requirement are minimum.

I want to upgrade that server with own budget build. Probably use the existing drive or invest in a couple of 4G drive and a SSD to get stuff moved over.

I am hung up on the Case, Motherboard, CPU/Memory combo/. Lots of choices and its a bit overwhelming.

For unraid I would like to play with GPU passthrough just so I can replace my 10+ year old desktop running Ubuntu that I just use to tinker with Home automation. It would be nice if I can move the VM/GPU Pass through to Windows 10

Lots of guides on here that I will slowly work through and eventually, by Christmas start building with my 13 year old son to teach him a few things and to get him off minecraft.

Any advise would be appreciated.

I decided to build a variation of the NSFW/Anniversary with used hardware and everything went sideways due to bad used hardware. So far I have had better luck buying used rack servers and upgrading them. Storage wise I would go with an external hba card and put a bunch of drives in a case that way you could still use unraid. I am using Ubuntu server with docker and mergefs/snap raid. I was lucky and picked up a r610 for $40 that had 48 gb of RAM and 2x5650’s xeons.