JDM's Budget Gaming / Free to Play Adventure


  • Use a cheap refurb Xeon system à la $115 budget Xeon gaming build
  • Update the build to somewhere around a $200-$300 budget including monitor and peripherals
  • Create a games library from all of the various launchers using only free games
    • Many game stores are offering free games for a limited time only, this log will not just cover games that are normally free to play.
  • Log and detail games, performance, and experiences on a weekly basis
  • This log will only cover games that I have actually downloaded and played. It will not cover every single free to play game.




  • TBD


  • TBD

[Game acquisitions by date, including retail price]

Total library value: $191.00

Week ending on 9/21/2019: $156.00

Week ending on 9/28/2019 - $35.00

[Current Games Library]


  • Game type
    • [free] - Game is truly free. There’s no possible way to spend money in or around it.
    • [regular] - Game is normally free to play.
    • [limited] - Game is normally paid, but was offered free for a limited time.
    • [premium] - Game is free, but either has a premium tier or paid DLC.
  • Monetization
    • [loot] - Game is supported by purchasable loot crates and / or keys delivering random items.
    • [marketplace] - Game has an online marketplace for trading, buying, and selling items.
    • [micro] - Game is supported by micro-transactions for direct purchases of items.
    • [pay2win] - Game is supported by game-changing / game-breaking micro-transactions.
  • Other
    • [DRM-free] - Game is able to be downloaded directly, without DRM.


  • TBD

Blizzard (username: jdmfree2play#1424)

  • Hearthstone [regular] / [loot]
  • Heroes of the Storm [regular] / [loot] [micro]
  • Starcraft 1 [free]
  • Starcraft 2 [premium]

Epic Games (username: jdmfree2play)


GOG Galaxy

  • TBD

Humble Bundle

  • TBD

IndieGala (username: jdmfree2play)

Origin (username: jdmfree2play)

  • TBD

Rockstar Games (username: jdmfree2play)

Steam (username: jdmfree2play)

Twitch Prime

  • TBD

Ubisoft / Uplay (username: jdmfree2play)

  • TBD


[Experience / Performance]

[Problems / Issues / Bugs]

[Other Notes]

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