Jamo S series megathread [801/803/805/807/809, S81C, S83C, etc.]

Thank you based Fry’s Electronics.

I bought S805 last week, and this week I bought the S83C and S807. I’ve now got a full 5.1 system thanks to these deals. Damn you JDM!!!

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So this is my first delve into HiFi audio (is that the right word)
Got some things for a home theater I don’t even have yet but I’m sure I will make it work.
I got the following:

2 pair 807s
1 center s83 c
1 pair 801

Now to save up for a receiver … Woooo $400-500 here we come.

Cancel the 801 (I know you said 803, but I know you ordered the 801) and put that money toward a receiver.

I got a killer deal. The S 807s were open boxed, and they thought the new in box S 83 C was also open boxed. So Fry’s gave me an extra 10% off of each item. My total after tax was $200.48.

Apparently I’m out of speaker wire, and need to get a new spool. What gauge do you recommend? My receiver is an Onkyo TX SR606 and my longest run is maybe 30 feet.

Bongo likes the jamo

I’ve listened to some music, and I’m currently watching Captain Marvel in 4K, and other than the sub being out of it’s element, these speakers sound great. I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed having a proper speaker setup. I have a shit eating grin on my face right now.

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How are they doing for ya? It’s been 2 weeks, we’re gonna need a full review :wink:

I like them a lot. I pissed of my neighbor two weeks ago because the sub was rattling his place. I was definitely the asshole, and turned it down.

I bought the Onkyo TX-RZ830 from Amazon today. After I set it up, I’ll try calibrating the entire system. I probably need some new HDMI 2.x cables. Maybe I can get them from work.

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Jamo S 803 HCS are on sale for $269 on Amazon right now with free shipping.



This is a really, really good deal. Retail on this is $550.
Kit includes:
2 x S803 bookshelf
2 x S801 bookshelf
1 x S81 center

A seemingly random bump but threw some cash into getting the S Series 5.1 theater setup that I thought was a really good deal (let me know if it isn’t) on SlickDeals. Looked up a lot of reviews and I don’t think I can get any better value than this.

Jamo Speakers: Pair S 809 + S 83 Center + Pair S 803 Bookshelves, S 810 10" Sub $499 (the one I got)

803s gets great reviews and could probably end my need for speakers right then and there.

The form-factor of the 810 subwoofer is appealing to me knowing it probably isn’t gonna deliver the most bass but the whole setup already should give me plenty of that.

The 809 towers get great reviews so I’m excited about that. The center S 83 apparently is whatever but it’s a nice bonus.

Overall pretty pleased and I love that they’re black and the overall WAF (wife acceptance factor) means I’ll probably be able to always have these around since they aren’t too big.

Slightly more expensive because you get a 300 W subwoofer compared to a tiny 150 W one above but you get downgraded bookshelves (from S 803 to S 801)

Jamo Speakers: Pair S 809 + S 83 Center + Pair S 801 Bookshelves + J 10 Sub ($529)

or the most budget and probably best all around-price (the price expired- back to MSRP)

Jamo Speakers: Jamo S 809 (pair) + Jamo S 801 (pair) + Jamo S 83 (Black) (was $399)

No subwoofer, just the towers, center, and bookshelf.

I bought a Sony STR-DN840 1050-Watt 7.2-Channel A / V Receiver on eBay used for about $80 that hopefully works. (If anybody knows a cheap receiver that is 5.1+ has bluetooth, wifi, hdmi, etc. lmk this is the best I could find.)

Gonna need to look into buying some speaker wire and banana plugs.

Hopefully this is my “end game” as I have a bunch of other low-end-tier cheaper speakers that kinda kept me afloat.

Total cost I’m looking around is $620 for the entire build if everything goes right… Will let you guys know what I think if/when I get things setup.

I’d get the $399 setup without subs, and get 2 of the costco special klipsch subs instead. They run about $150 each when on sale, you just missed it though. Yes, you should get two. No, you should not just get 1.

For now, enjoy your 5.0 and wait for a deal on subwoofers.

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