I've outgrown the 15 bay RSV-L4500 - alternatives?

I need to be able to add more drives to my setup but am out of space in my rosewill case.

There’s two things I really liked about the case.

  1. Aesthetics - I liked the front conver, allowed me to put it in the living room.
  2. Quiet - The large size of the case plus the mod to invert the fan makes this thing whisper quiet.

What larger case can I get that can offer similar acoustics/looks?

Bump up to something super micro or go with a DAS

Add a second RSV-L4500!

How about this bad boy? Norco

Yours for only $600

lol I would rather go with a 20bay L4500 build that someone in here did, I cant remember who but it works and its cost-effective

from personal experience, i recommend adding a second L4500 as a DAS. i modified mine by adding another 5-bay cage, upping the drive capacity in the DAS to 20, which is great for maxing out unRAID at 30 drives (28 data + 2 parity), and still having 5 bays for unassigned drives. but even without the additional 5-bay cage, the L4500 makes a super DAS.

one pitfall to the way i did mine is the loss of the motherboard tray. this means repurposing the DAS for another server build at a later date becomes more difficult. anyway, whatever you choose, happy building. hope to see some pics and a post.

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