Issue with Bitdeals order not shipping

Hi all,

I’m buying some drives to expand storage on my first server and went with Bitdeals based on their presence here on the forums and excellent prices. I sent in and paid for my order a week and a half ago and am yet to hear anything regarding a ship date. From what I’ve heard Bitdeals prioritizes orders based on their relative importance (drives needed in relation to covid etc.) and as stated on their site they currently have a lot of orders in. I called Bitdeals earlier this week and left a message in the hopes of hearing an estimate of when my order might ship. Also called again today with no luck. Does anyone know of the best way get in touch with Bitdeals? I’ve seen @BitDeals active here on the forums so maybe that’s a start. I currently have other hardware ready and waiting on the arrival of new drives so any ideas on how I can get shipping info from Bitdeals would be appreciated.

Hello @Halex

On average our processing time is around 14 days at the moment and as we are a small team we spend the majority of the day shipping orders and might not always be by the phone. We are much more active on email as we can do this later during the day after all shipping drop offs have closed.

I do see you left a voicemail but you did not provide an order number. Would you mind posting, DMing or sending an email containing your order number and I can get you a rough estimate of when your order will ship.

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Thank you so much for the quick response Brandon! My order number is MBP2418, a rough estimate would be great! :smiley:

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I do not post much here but I can say BitDeals is on point and they are worth the wait!