Issue moving data to Unraid

Folks, I just made my Unraid and trying to move the data from my local PC to my Unraid. After copying some of my data I get a “not enough space” error, no matter how small a file I try to move. Currently I have one drive.
I can copy to other shares that are on the same drive but not this array (TV SHOWS).
I have cash to NO on all of the arrays and still shows that I’m only using 10% and No parity at this point.
I can’t find any answers online, any thoughts?

Can you share some details about your unraid setup? Hardware, shares, etc?

well, HW I have one of the 4.1 Combos. I added a 3TB hard and started moving data from my other drive of 8TB (under 3TB). Half way thought the copy from my local PC to Unraid I got the above message that there is not enough space to copy file to TV SHOWS. I can’t even copy an empty folder!
I was able to copy the rest of the TV SHOWS to another SHARE and add the 8TB to Unraid.
I still can’t move any file from another share folder to the TV SHOWS (still the same drive)