Is this viable or am I lost? not against starting from scratch

hello all,

first time poster here. i am looking to create what I think is best described as a home server, I want it to be able to run plex, blueiris for my home security cameras, home assistant, and possibly a few other things down the road, the more I research the more confused I get. do I go with a Pi, NUC, NAS? after over thinking it and looking around I found that like many of you I have a ton of old computer parts laying around but as i am new to the server world am unsure as to how viable these parts might be so an help would be much appreciated.

The parts i have laying around:

asus m5a99x evo mother board (not rev 2.0)

fx 8350 chip

hyper 212 evo cooler

several 500 gb+ hdds

several 120 and 140mm fans

an embarrassing amount of thermal paste

a rats nest of cables from probably 4 computers

gtx 970 and soon a gtx 1080 once i upgrade

the ram unfortunately i gave to a buddy but i am sure i can get some ddr3 for cheap

I would like my home server and internet upgrade budget to 1000 max and this would include a modest ubiquity setup (would love some help picking parts for this as well). are these parts viable and if so what parts am i missing? if not then where should i start?

Yes it would make for a good starter project. I mean that setup won’t be overly power efficient, but you can learn on it for a while.

You could probably look at some of these tutorials like the NAS killer draw some inspiration that will go toward meeting your goal. If it were me I would take that setup and install Unraid which acts as both a NAS and Hypervisor for VMs. You would install Windows in a VM with GPU passthrough (you will need another GPU) for blueiris and gaming. i would advise getting an SSD for a cache drive. Plex can be run from a docker although many would recommed getting another dedicated low power machine with Intell Quicksync capability. It’s a rabbit hole but there are plenty here who can help you.

thank you for the response.
so would one of the NAS killer builds be capable of doing everything I want in one unit? if that is the case then I would happily put one of them together. I love tinkering with electronics. I just wanted to know if any of the parts I had just taking up space could be used efficiently and it sounds like that might not be the case. which one of the NAS builds would be a good starting point and capable of what i am looking to do?

It really depends on what you have. Do you have a bunch of drives and a motherboard / cpu, power supply, video card and case. If yes then you can start building.