Is this Seneca Mini PC too much for a Plex server?

Hi all,

I’m not super server literate but I’m hoping to set up a Plex server that my friends and family can use to access my media library. My current old MacBook isn’t really up to that task so I’ve been poking around looking for a good dedicated server.

I found this Seneca that seems to tick the boxes of what I understand I might need to future proof the setup as much as possible within my budget. Do you all have any thoughts if it’s worth the extra $$ for possibly useless ram etc? Or are there any cheaper ones that you’ve come across that will suit my setup?

Thanks for your help

That’s a good find. If you’re doing local streams it should work really well

Thanks Tozmo! Do you think it might not work super well if I set it up for others to access remotely?

That looks like it’ll work well. I’m not a huge fan of the exposed PSU, but otherwise it should be fine.