IPMI issues (all sensors N/A) - Super Micro Board

I am using the Super Micro X9SCM-F with a Xeon E3-1270 V2 and ECC RAM (I have 4 sticks, using only 1 for testing and I have checked that the RAM is a compatible model/brand). Basically, I was able to update firmware, the NAS starts up and fans spin, I get 4 beeps letting me know the firmware was updated (according to the manual), but the 17 sensors are all showing N/A and I need to know if this is an issue. I don’t have VGA cables, I was using the IPMA thinking I could set everything up through this without actually needing the VGA/monitor. Thanks in advance for anyone who decides to attempt to help…Let me know if you need more specific hardware setup.

There are motherboard jumpers and bios settings that relate to ipmi. I have an x9 board but slightly different so you’d have to look up the settings on your motherboard and play with it. You’ll need vga for the bios settings so … Maybe you can borrow one.

Apart from the sensors, is everything else working ok? Are you able to login to IPMI again and check its version? Did you also update the BIOS, and/or check its version? It might still be a good idea to pick up an old $10 VGA monitor locally, just for troubleshooting.

On this board, I guess the 4 beeps is actually indicating a CPU compatibility issue, so I have a V1 processor on the way and some 1333 ECC RAM (just one stick). PCIE 3.0, 1600 MHZ RAM, and V2 are only supported with BIOS update. I also have some VGA cables and a monitor I am gonna borrow from someone in a few days once parts arrive, so hopefully that will resolve the issues. Firmware was able to update, not BIOS - there is no BIOS update button anywhere present in both IPMI view or through web browser (I assume this board doesn’t support it and after a lot of research yesterday, I concluded that BIOS update via IPMI on the X9SCM-F is not supported).