Inventec B400GD0 LGA 1155 motherboard - NK 4.0 - $32.50

Inventec B400GD0 LGA 1155 motherboard - NK 4.0

Great budget NK 4.0 board, similar features as the B400GA0 featured in the NAS Killer 4.0 guide.
Features LSI SAS 2008 onboard with SFF-8087 ports.

$39.95 free shipping

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Price drop! - $32.50

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Great board for what you get. Looks like this is one of the boards with IPMI too.

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Seller has yet again dropped the price, this time to $30.95.

When these have the LSI onboard, what bus does it run through? IE, does it degrade PCIe performance?

It’s PCIe, and it doesn’t “degrade” performance.

Had a question for the seller. Since there’s no I/O shield to go with it, he’s offering it for $25. Negotiated the $25 pricing for this group as well. All you need to do is send Shawn a message and he’ll extend the offer to you.

“You let your group know I am game for that. have them write to me using codeword ( shenanigans for $25 ) and I will send them the same offer”


Seller is now officially offering them at $27.55

Of course use @Archangel_DT’s offer above if possible.

Just FYI: my board arrived with VT-X (i.e virtualization technology) disabled in BIOS, and option to re-enable it not visible. Had to edit BIOS to re-enable it. Straightforward process.


Could you share how you did that?

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Sure. You need to find two things:

  1. AFUDOS v4
  2. AMIBCP4.55.0070.exe

Boot system to DOS, and using AFUDOS dump BIOS to the usb stick.


I’d recommend dumping it multiple times, to a different filenames, just in case.

Then in Windows, launch AMIBCP and modify three settings from Default to USER.

After you edited file, flash it with AFUDOS

AFUDOS BIOS-mod.img 

Reboot system and you should see Intel Virtualization Technology option in the BIOS. I did not try to play with other settings, but I guess setting them all to USER will show them.

Links to the apps I won’t be sharing, but they are easy to find online. If google does not help, try yandex :wink:

Try it on your own risk. No guarantees it will work for you. I’m not liable if something goes wrong.


Are these any different than what’s available on AMI’s site?

AFUDOS from Aptio 4 package will work. (I think v4 is what I used, but don’t have my flash with me to double check).

Other utility is from the first link on this page.

I’m trying to find a PDF manual for this motherboard. I just got one but can’t figure out the pins to connect to the switches on my case. Can anybody help?

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Here’s the pinout:


And here’s a link to the full manual:

Note that the manual is quite generic, there were many iterations of this board with slightly different features, so not everything in the manual may apply to this specific board, but it should be enough to get you running.


thank you!!

How about what the LED’s on the motherboard mean? I can’t find this information in the manual anywhere. My board has 3 flashing LED’s and won’t boot up, trying to determine what’s wrong.

If I understood the chart properly (and there’s a good chance I didn’t) then I have an extra ground wire that I don’t know what to do with. So yeah, the documentation on this board is a bit…interesting.

I used the exact pinout information that Mthrboard posted. I only connected power switch, reset, and hard drive light to keep things simple. Everything I have connected is connected to the top row of pins. I guess you could say the row closest to the processor. See if this image and diagram helps. Take notice of the space I left between Power LED + and Power LED -. That is the missing pin that doesn’t exist between pin 1 and 5 from the pinout table Mthrboard posted. Also, the board has 3 blinking lights when plugged in, but not powered on.


Hm, sorry I didn’t see your post - did you get i working?