Introduction - new to servers but not computers/Linux

Glad to be a part of the community, I’m really just here to learn. I found this forum a couple months ago and honestly I think I am more overwhelmed since finding it.

I originally thought I might try my hand at building a NAS killer, but I have to be honest with myself that at my age I don’t have the clear eyesight and steady hand that I used to have. Whether I can build anything or not, I get a kick reading about the hardware. Servers are new to me in the sense of a purpose built machine, but I a really like the idea. I have two really old and slow Synology DiskStations that are just SMB file servers, and I have an aging QNAP that is my emby Server. (I would be using Jellyfin except for the poor LG TV support for 2020 and earlier LG TV’s that my father and uncle have.) This time I thought that a server that is a little more beefy than a Celeron powered QNAP NAS. I’m thinking I would like a Xeon+GPU so that I can stream 1080 and above content to remote clients without breaking a sweat. I was hoping that the classifieds here would yield a NAS killer with the work done for me, though I’m sure many others have that hope too!

I have no timetable for this server, I still have about 3.6TB so I am not in too big of a hurry. I’ll have plenty of time to read up and learn more so that I can make the right choices. Looking forward to hopefully contributing to the forum!