Introduction - Long time lurker, hoarder of electronics


I have been lurking here for a while but just… never introduced myself.

I am a CyberSecurity Manager for a decent sized MSP. I tend to hoard everything that my company or clients want “recycled”.

I have a small server and a few NAS’s for my Plex setup, about 30TB of data on that. Just recently had to restore the OS drives for that from backups because the drive decided that 80,000ish hours was enough of a life. As I was doing that project my wife highly suggested that I clean up my office. So I decided to snap a picture of some of my equipment before it gets put away again!

I tend to dabble in a lot of things. I have 2 3D printers ( SLA and an FDM ), repairing electronics, working on cars… I just like solving problems. So maybe I can help out around here too!

Just bought an older house so I am also remodeling, rewiring and fixing that up. Don’t have my rack or anything built yet, barely have my workstation and server setup. It is going to be a journey!