Intel® Server System SC5650HCBRP - Prebuilt build progress

Just received my Intel workstation last night and started tearing it down. Some people requested pics of the internals so here they are.

Work I’ve already done in these pictures:

  • Updated BIOS
  • Replaced front and rear 120mm fans with Arctic P12
  • Installed new RAM
  • Removed optical drive
  • Removed hotswap cage for some of the pictures in order to show the internals
  • Disconnected a lot of cables just to work on the inside
  • Removed old raid card and installed addon LSI
  • Removed 56k fax modem and installed SATA3 card (mobo is SATA2)
  • Removed 92mm fan at rear of HSBP


  • Find CPU coolers. The rear CPU can take a full sized tower cooler, but the front CPU only has a clearance of ~76mm. Any recommendations for a low profile LGA 1366 cooler are welcome
  • Install dual L5640s
  • Install SAS drives when I get them


  • This is an absolute unit. With how heavy it is, this ebay seller must have razor thin or non-existent margins shipping this for free
  • Stock CPU cooler is a jet engine
  • As stated before, the front CPU requires a low profile cooler

Let me know if you have any questions or hmu in Discord @werr

Also any advice is always appreciated. Thanks serverbuilds!

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@werr This 3U cooler is about as small as it gets for 1366…

I’m thinking of going with this Zalman cooler to see if it fits

Will return and get the Dynatron if not.

I can tell you right now that the Zalman cooler will not fit.

Dang, from the horizontal spacing?

Due to the mounting bracket. Besides that, it doesn’t even list socket 1366 compatibility.

Make sure it’s 1366 compatible, plus it needs to be the type that doesn’t use standoffs and screws down from the top of the motheboard, since the Xeon backplate is not removable.

I see. Zalman website listed 1366 compatibility so I thought it could work.

It’ll work with non-xeon 1366, without the permanent backplate.

Hmm TIL, thanks. It was suggested on Discord to just replace the stock cooler fan and stick that on the front cpu, and I may try to do that first before buying a whole new cooler for $35. I need to take a look at how the fan is attached though.

IIRC that cooler just uses a 60mm fan with 4 screws holding the fan in. Fractal design makes a pretty quiet one.

What LSI and Sata 3 cards you put in it? I just placed my order and need to grab those pieces too.

Have you looked at the parts links on

I got the cheapest LSI I could find on eBay and the SATA3 card listed in the link above by faultline. FYI for anyone thinking of buying, the system comes with SAS-only breakouts for the HSBP, which I plan to reuse with my new LSI. HSBP has separate power direct from the PSU. I bought separate SAS breakout cables thinking I’d need them, but I don’t think I do now.

Which LSI did you buy? Some are 2TB limited, if they’re SAS1.