Intel Pro/1000 VT Quad Port - $18.00 OBO

Just an update. This seller accepted $15. I’m in Ohio.

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FYI - they bumped the price up to $23 before I noticed. I offered $15 and they countered with $20. Currently waiting to see if they will take $18, as I don’t really need it, but could make use of it…

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After the price was hiked to $23, I offered $17 (quantity 1). The seller countered with $20. We went back and forth on the price; when the dust settled, my offer of $19 was accepted.

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@smikwily @samcramer

You guys are experiencing the JDM effect in real-time.

Indeed! You have great power. I wonder if there’s some way to change the sign on the price effect. Something like “JDM thinks these are ridiculously overpriced.”